March 12, 2018


Introducing Scott Keim most recenlty signed GASS Artist from Brisbane, Australia. Scott talks to us about his work , his love for nature and his lifestyle without modern technology. We are glad to be working with this humble Artist. Read on and watch this space for more news to come from the talented Scott. 

GASS: You are based in Brisbane, Australia, which is pretty much a "land far far away" for all of us here, in Europe. What does that mean to you as an Artist and how does that shape your work?

Scott Keim: Brisbane is definitely an interesting place to live in, as a creative person. Unlike some of Australia’s other major cities, which build their reputation on culture, Brisbane’s is a little more clandestine - you either have to go searching or already be in the know to find events. I’m a huge nature lover and happier outside of the city, which is lucky because Brisbane’s only a few hours away from some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country.

GASS: You paint and draw. Some of your work is very sexual, some quite comedic and some of it is very philosophical and quite dark. Talk us through your creative world. 

Scott Keim: I think a lot of my work definitely stems from having a dark sense of humour - being able to see the light in what can be a dark and difficult world. My creative process lacks any real structure - while I’m heavily drawn to nature, I’ve also gained inspiration from many things like human interaction, books, film cameras, meditation, architecture, design, fashion, and nightlife. I see beauty and horror wherever I go, and I try to incorporate its different shades in my works.


GASS: Are you a dreamer? What is your current biggest dream?

Scott Keim:  Absolutely. My biggest dream would to be a successful Artist with a massive open studio, living a happy lifestyle somewhere free from all chaos with an abundance of plants.

GASS: What are you working on right now?

Scott Keim:  I’m currently working on some fresh new works for a few shows coming up next month, I have solo show next month in April at a small pop up gallery space with ICA, situated in Brisbane. It will mostly consist of medium-large scale oil and acrylic based paintings and some medium scale charcoal works on paper. I also have another group show in late April with some close mates at Campbell Project Space in Surry Hills, Sydney. I’m also preparing to send off some works on paper in the travelling group show “Got It For Cheap,” heading to Lisbon, Portugal.


GASS: What are your thoughts on humanity and technology and the world of tomorrow?

Scott Keim:  I’ve often felt a little out of touch with the modern world, especially when it comes to technology. While I am grateful for the power of social media in terms of communicating and creating with others without restrictions of location, there’s a lot to be said for how technology affects us. Everyone is so connected to their phones/computer technology for so much of each day, but so disconnected from each other in real life. In my personal life, I like to take a break and live a little more simply without the use of these devices as much. With the impending presence of net neutrality, CCTV, GPS tracking and facial recognition, our future is starting to look bleak.  We’re all apart of one big computing system, with our data updated and shared almost every second without consent, and I can’t imagine it’s going to get much better unless we gain either distance or autonomous control.

GASS: Is music important for your creativity? What do you listen to at the moment?

Scott Keim:  Absolutely. As probably my second biggest passion, it plays a huge part of my mental state whether I’m creating or relaxing. I tend to gravitate rawer sounding and older music, rather than anything too clean or over-produced. I really like electronic music - but whatever music sets an atmosphere or stirs a feeling within me I’ll listen to. I’m also pretty obsessed with digging for records in my down time, and experimenting with making music using synthesisers and drum machines.


GASS: Very happy to welcome you to #GASSARMY. Looking forward to bringing you to London next year and have your work sold at GASS Station. What can we expect from you in 2018?

Scott Keim:  Thank you so much for having me on board. That's incredible! Working on a book of ink drawings with an independent publisher called “Spooky Books”. Hopefully do a few more shows leading up to the end of the year and a heap of large scale paintings.