Feb. 21, 2018


Artwork by Felix Decombat


GASS: Hey Manfredas how are you doing?

You are one of the Lithuanian Artists who I am really proud of and you are one of the few who has chosen to stay living in Lithuania. It is very charming but also very brave ... 

MANFREDAS: Actually, I don't have a home I could call my own at the moment, as in the last year, I've spent six months living London, three in Palanga, two in States & South America and now I'm on a two month tour in Asia. Also, on my first proper holiday in a while. 

I don't think you have to be brave to stay in Lithuania. It's great there, especially if you have a chance to travel sometimes. And the best club in the world is in Vilnius. I just needed a break from it all. And I'm still on it.

GASS: Can you tell me a bit how you started your DJ career. When was that and what kind of stuff was turning you on at the very beginning of the days?

MANFREDAS: I've got into the radio when I was thirteen to do a hip-hop show and from that, it all started. Through the radio, I've got introduced to all sorts of music and I'm on this ride ever since.

GASS: You just had your successful festival in Lithuania, Vilnius. In January, the freaking cold winter month of the year. Tell us more about it? Can we expect one next year?

MANFREDAS: It's a Smala (event series I run with DJ duo 12 Incu Po Zeme) collab with our great friends from Tel Aviv Red Axes and their label Garzen. We did so many things together, that bringing the festival they are doing in Isreali desert was a very natural thing to do. We find the new music of Israel very exciting. I'm glad people showed up with open ears and hearts to the language they don't understand and music they never heard before. For most of the bands that came, it was the first gig outside their homes, so everybody has put a lot of energy and love into this. It worked above our expectations. We're doing it again next January, 100 percent.

GASS: What are you working on at the moment?  Whats next music wise for you?

MANFREDAS: I'm working on my abs at the moment, improving my machete skills, opening coconuts and rocking my Kindle, catching up on some reads. I really prefer spending all my time digging for music and Djing more than being in the studio now but that's not how the game works. I'm finishing some remixes to put the bacon on the table and slowly fermenting my two new EP's. I'm very happy when creativity comes spontaneously and is not being pushed, but again... 

I would also like to be more involved with upcoming Lithuanian electronic music from my friends and young artists.

GASS: What about your studio environment? Are you a crazy synth collecting guy, who has millions of gadgets or you just get stuck to something and keep changing your gear with next releases. How do you work on your music? 

MANFREDAS: I owned a professional recording studio for eight years and I'm very used to its environment. I closed down the business just recently and put all the gear in the storage. Now I use a laptop, Ableton, one portable synth and some software that I've never used before, full harddrive with stuff I can sample and the headphones. It's challenging, but it's working.

GASS: What is your biggest current musical obsession? A name we should maybe check out?

MANFREDAS: I love Wah Wah Wino and Offen releases, Syncboy and Jensen Interceptor are cool. My good friend and ex-flatmate C.A.R. just released the beautiful album "Pinned". Tho I'm not obsessed with anything, maybe only Sikkil Sisters for the last couple of days. 

GASS: On my latest visit to Vilnius I was told you are involved with a bar called Marsas? Definitely a cool place to hang out when in Vilnius. I enjoyed my time there. Tell me more...

MANFREDAS: It's a bar I opened six or so years ago with three other friends. It has seen some good and some bad times but it's an institution with a great crowd and always a good playlist. Most of the music I collect goes there. Also, its the closest you can get to a real dive experience in Vilnius.

GASS: Thanks a lot for doing this mix for us. I told you our theme was Humanityx Sexuality x Technology, so thank you for your effort. What inspired you and what can we expect in here? 

MANFREDAS: I think I missed the Humanity & Technologic bits but they surely apply to all of that ear candy.  A good soundtrack for all the cats doin' it slow, getting high, having sex or just gazing at their day.

GASS: Thanks a lot for your time and have a nice flight! 

MANFREDAS: Pleasure. Enjoy the music.