Jan. 29, 2018

Felix Decombat - Untitled

Welcome back to the monthly GASS residency, where we ask our favourite artists to design our website skin for us and express their work through a new monthly look. We begin 2018 with Paris based illustrator - Felix Decombat whose work mostly is labeled  “bizzare”. While we enjoy his wonderfully weird comic styled new GASS look, Mamiko talks to Felix and discuss his style and point of view on art, culture and his work. 

GASS: Thank you, Felix, for your super cool GASS skin. We love it. How did you come up with this theme?

Felix Decombat: I really like the original form of the website, it looks like a badly arranged comics. It made me want to work on different sequences, related or not.

Felix Decombat 2 image

GASS: Your design and work make me think you are living and working in Asia, not France. In this day and age where internet is free and everywhere, how does living in Paris and being French impact your work?

Felix Decombat: I'm already moving a lot so I'm not sure that Paris has a particular influence on my work. Maybe the Paris metro is inspiring, there are a lot of weird things going on there, and I spend hours there every day to go to my workspace. But otherwise I get most of my ideas from movies, I am addicted.

GASS: You are known for your style often pinned as 'bizarre'. You do have a lot of "wtf is going" moments in your work but somehow it all makes sense. It also makes you feel at peace in some weird way. How do you come up with all these weird stories and characters? Do they have a continuity in your ideas or their lives are pretty short in your head?

Felix Decombat: I build often the idea during the process. It is very rare that I have an idea already made, besides it is often a very bad idea. Drawing helps to compose and build one's reflection. Otherwise I think that like everyone else I have tics, characters coming back recursively.

Felix Decombat 3 image

GASS: There is always some sort of tragedy involved. Do you reflect your own life in your work or is it just a pure fantasy of yours?

Felix Decombat: I think a good story is inevitably tragic, and it's easier for me to translate humor through darker things and weird.

Felix Decombat 4 image

GASS: Your work is involving a lot of sports. Are you a sports enthusiast?

Felix Decombat: I like movement in an image so sport is a logical source.

GASS: No Sex?

Felix Decombat: I do not like to show sex directly, I think it's more striking to draw it from an erotic way.

Felix Decombat 5 image

GASS: What are you obsessed at the moment. What turns you on?

Felix Decombat: Mythology and bugs.           

GASS: What are you working on at the moment?

Felix Decombat: A future book with Chambre Charbon.

GASS: What do like and dislike the most about your work? What about a scene?

Felix Decombat: I can not stay on a project too long, I would like to work on a long story but I can not keep the same style or the same desires in the long term.

Felix Decombat 6 image

GASS: Do you care about technology and fast-growing advanced tools to work and live better? Do you care about science? Do you dream of Future? If so   how you envision it.

Felix Decombat: I have already tried to describe this idea in my first book Oculus. By imagining a parallel virtual reality modeled on reality, reimagining applications and virtual concepts adapted to this false reality. For example, how to visualize Tinder in the real world without going through the application, or how to figure the darknet.