Jan. 16, 2018

Midnight Chardonnay is full of diverse, vivid and exciting things to see, hear or experience through contemporary art, progressive music and creative technology. Midnight Chardonnay collaborates directly with local communities and cultures, providing space for elemental fields to come together with a one-off day and night show in each city.

Kicking off in 2018, as a series of 24 hour, pop-up events across several European cities it evolves by uniting several cultures and disciplines under one thematic brief, with two programs for each city stop. Further stops will include London, Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Exhibitions curated in art galleries and various selected spaces featuring pieces exclusively commissioned and curated by GASS with reference to the Midnight Chardonnay brief and theme. These works will be part of the traveling exhibition appearing in each city, complemented by a carefully selected mix of works from local forces.

A club environment and spirit continuing the mix of ideas and the Midnight Chardonnay theme. NIGHTime is a curated music programme, an afterparty and a stand-alone attraction for music fans. The music for the night time event consists of a touring Headliner plus GASS roster with key local music guests in each city.

Midnight Chardonnay Flyer

Midnight Chardonnay has an Open Call for submissions from artists specialising in digital, animation and film, painting, sculpture and installation art. The theme for submissions in 2018 is PAIN PLEASURE ECSTASY.
Submit your work to hello@midnightchardonnay.org for an opportunity to take part in Midnight Chardonnay events.

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We are proud to announce our first Midnight Chardonnay edition in 2018 will be in Antwerp, Belgium.
We partner with renowned Belgian contemporary culture venue Het Bos for our Midnight Chardonnay home. The show will be hosted and curated by Mamiko Motto.

Full programme announcement at the end of January.

Design Vision 2018 - Our design vision for Midnight Chardonnay 2018 is conceived and produced by Acacio Ortas, a young, progressive illustrator and animator and our new Art Director.