Aug. 30, 2017

Gass is proud to present our first set of crisp white T-Shirts from the vivid mind and hand of Italian artist PANE.

PANE has been one of our favourite artists for many years and we are delighted to have him as part of GASS. Back in 2000, Pane founded the ‘Why Style’ collective in Italy because as he remarked then “We love to question things. We like to have doubts. Our dogma is ‘always doubt’.”

Not so concerned with artistic specialization his way of working is chaotic and the process of creating is as much about exploring his own interests and triggers as it is influenced by other things. “I just try to move the waters, to do so I have to create a mess and hopefully from it, something will grow. Let's say that each thing I do has something to offer me./.../ I like to experience that.”


The Italian artist currently lives and works in Amsterdam, where his activity has clearly developed in two directions, art, and graphic design, often merging to form a whole. His works include illustration, painting, installation and editorial design. Read an interview with Pane HERE.

A limited drop of t-shirts for 21 days via Everpress pre-order now... pre-order now HERE.






Limited Edition GASS F/W17 T-shirts.

Design by Italian artist Pane.