June 21, 2017

Acacio Ortas Artwork
by Acacio Ortas

TTT is the newest member of the #gassarmy latest addtion to GASS records. He opened up our gentle hardcore season with his impeccable mixtape 'Miss Liberty'. Mamiko Motto caught up with TTT to talk via sms about his music affairs and future weather...

GASS: Hello, who are you?

TTT: Hello, I’m JUSTAS, I was FRESH, but now I'm TTT. I am very lazy sometimes and I am vegetarian, I like Mcdonalds. I also love cats and dogs and I don’t like aviator sunglasses that look like this Ū-Ū.

GASS: What does your name TTT stand for and what does it mean to you?

TTT: TTT or Tavotėvotėvai means Your Fathers Parents (rhymes in Lithuanian) and it is a trendy formulation of names. If you use the same word 3 times then it is definite that everyone like it, Wow.

GASS: How would you describe your sound?

TTT: My sound is that when you like music very much, you start to understand music. Sometimes when you like music very much you don't understand music and you like shit. My sound is not to like shit.

GASS: Your Miss Liberty mix was quite a trip. How do you look for music and how do you collect music for a particular mixtape project. When do you know when you've got enough material to work with and how do you tell your story?

TTT: I search for music all the time when I disk jock. Sometimes I feel like I need to write a book to remember and not forget, but this is a mixtape. Also, I'm happy when you can see a mixtape so I put on video something and then it is more fun for everyone to listen because you can see and remember like a dream that is a fantasy. You forget very quickly when you wake up. You are happy when you remember and you can tell your friends about it ... maybe at work. I like stories, humor, movies, friends, dinner, bicycles, forest, water, boat. That's why a mixtape is a good material to speak and listen to everywhere you like to be. Mixing - not a fun, but the boring page that everybody skip, it's more fun to surprise and shock. I like to put silence in tracks to make people "think" and " not understand".

GASS: You're based in Vilnius, Lithuania. A lot of Europeans have heard about Lithuania from the legendary international festival Satta. What is your current opinion on culture and music scene in Lithuania or your home city, Vilnius? Does this city inspire your sound and things that you do?

TTT: I'm based in Vilnius. I think Satta is not the only thing Europe has heard of, RIP.

We have a lot of talented people. I listen to Stavaris and I like to make pictures with him in Marsas Bar. A lot of shit music going on, same as everywhere, you can imagine. Most of it is electronic, however, this is my problem and this is not a problem. So just imagine that the same thing is going on here as well. Inspiration comes from everything boring. That is when you want to make something interesting. Boring things are good and easy to become friends with when you're not. Like a man who tells a good joke that is not a cv. You like him.

GASS: What are you currently working on?

TTT: I'm working on a SPA aka relax yourself mixtape. It will be very relaxing, close your eyes, feel good,  HAHAHA HA.