May 2, 2017

Brand new sizzling mixtape from GASS Records for the hot summer that is coming. The GASS mystery man from the north crafts a gallery of rare and unusual records from the 80’s into a proper old fashioned mixtape. Swooning parts and pieces assembled with the precision of a turntable artist and the loving patience of a pause button tape teen.

Shigeo Sekito - The word II (Columbia, 1975)
Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere (Eyes, 1983)
Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music - True To Life (EG, 1982)
Super America Richard Sanderson - Check On The List
(Mondio Music, 1983)
Miss Liberty
Anna - Systems Breaking Down (RCA, 1982)
Robert Wyatt - The Age Of Self (Virgin, 1985)
Tony Wilson - Hangin' Out In Space (Connection, 1983)
Kazino - Binary (Carrere, 1985)
Ruins - Sexual Desire (Black Square Records, 1984)
Diana Ross - It’s Your Move (Capitol Records, 1984)
Sandii - Drip Dry Eyes (Alfa, 1980)
Larry Dunn Experience - All About Love (1975)
Anna Domino - Caught (Factory, 1986)
Blackway & Helene - Music For Us
(Moon Records Association, 1982)
Telex - We are all Getting Old (RKM, 1980)
Paul McCartney - Blue Sway (Not On Label, 1980)