April 30, 2017

As we celebrate the success of the first Midnight Chardonnay edition we are moving onwards and upwards with the production for the next chapter already started. We are planning to grow this event to a 3 day international festival and apart from inviting our selected artists, we are now also open for submissions from artists unknown to us. PAIN PLEASURE ECSTASY is the theme for the next edition of Midnight Chardonnay, our rave soaked blend of music and art. Works and ideas should be submitted to the mail below and should be about, relate to, reflect, include or otherwise engage with the brief for the next edition: PAIN PLEASURE ECSTASY

E-mail a little info about yourself and your work to by the 31st JULY deadline.

Wanna partner with us? If you want to work with us in any shape or form or have any suggestions, feel free to shoot us an email

In the meantime check back on the website for an online gallery coming up soon.

 Pain Plesure Ecstasy