Dec. 20, 2017

GASS F/W18 Tee by Acacio

GASS team is so happy and excited about the new F/W18 Tee-shirt.
It's by Strasbourg based, French illustrator and designer ACACIO ORTAS. Growing up in an artistic environment he learnt to live for his passions and works with a basis in drawing and simple lines while also exploring a range of other media to realise his ideas. He also designed the look for our Midnight Chardonnay page and of course this fresh Tee-Shirt. 
Music is central to his work and also his working environment, particularly Harold Budd and scouring the internet to dig for Jungle, Grime, Uk Garage, Speed Garage, Uk Funky, Dub and Bassline. These sounds and styles make him see and imagine the stuff he wants to draw and while the success, or not, of translating it through drawing is still a work in progress, the results of that process are inspiringly different and distinct.

Read an interview with Acacio Ortas: HERE

A limited drop of t-shirts for 21 days via Everpress pre-order now...
Pre-order now here: HERE