Oct. 31, 2017

This month we're having a Jelly Gummies makeover at GASS. The Scottish Wizard of all things weird, jelly, gummy and animated. Mamiko telegrammed these questions straight to Blairgowrie to find out more about the mysterious life of a chilly charmer man known to the rest of us mortals as - Jelly Gummies.

Get to know and let us know what do you think of our new Jelly Gummies decor.


GASS: Hello Sam, Who are you? 

JELLY GUMMIES: I'm a hunchback stuck permanently to the computer.


GASS: Your art has a lot to do with vegetables and pastries and all sorts of other foods.... Can you tell me how you come up with the stuff you make? 

JELLY GUMMIES: Something about the fruit vegetables and pastries just really seemed nice. Maybe the variety of shapes and colours you can hold them in your hand. I was also making some models for a food-based game and got a bit addicted to making them. Have a feeling I'm going to get into some slugs and snails next so hopefully, that goes well.


GASS: Your creatures and the whole style has quite of a retro feel. It makes me think of MTV from the early 90s and when I visit your website I always think of Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer video for some reason. You, yourself, have worked on a few music videos. Are you a music fan? How does music merge into your creative life?

JELLY GUMMIES: I like having a bit of background music on. For the last wee while it's mostly Brian Eno and Roxy Music that have been playing as well as other bits of podcasts here and there. I like listening to computer game soundtracks as well (mostly ps1 kind of stuff like ridge racer or tekken 1+2).


GASS: You are from Blairgowrie, which is a small town Scotland. Have you ever wished to move your animated vegetables and warped creatures elsewhere? Like the big capital London?

JELLY GUMMIES: If I didn't have the internet I'd be in trouble, I like visiting places like London but it's a bit dense and chaotic for me to have fun living there. Still can't get my head around how you fit so many people into such a small area! Haha, the hobbit life is more for me.

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GASS: What are your current favourite things, what makes you happy? 

JELLY GUMMIES: I got a couple of books recently, one of them is a huge Hieronymus Bosch book with all his paintings. The other one is Man After Man which is one of those books that's so good you wish you'd thought of it. All about the future evolution of humans (both natural and unnatural) with really nice illustrations.

GASS: How do you deal with the reality that surrounds you, the reality in your work is very warped: most of the time hella freaky but positive and happy. Scotland is cold and can be a pretty grim place. Do you have a good balance between those two or is it more of a same one life for you. 

JELLY GUMMIES: Haha looking at them now they do seem quite upbeat. Scotland can get quite grim but it's a seriously comfortable place to live. I'm the sort of person that likes things a bit cool, I've even got a special pillow that stays freezing cold. I'm imagining that if you zoomed right into a bit of carpet in your house you'd see something a bit like what I make, or at least it would be more fun if you did.


GASS: What are you currently working on and what are your plans for next year? 

JELLY GUMMIES: There's a small plan for a book involving animals but it's still at a very early stage so even I don't know much about it yet. Making some kind of computer game would be brilliant, something like g-darius or maybe more of a very miniature rpg.