Mamiko Motto is the founder and driving force of GASS - her record label and collective spanning music, art & technology. The DJ, producer and studio engineer first starting making international waves as a radio host on her own long running Hepcat Radio and later in the formation of NTS, foreshadowing the current internet radio boom. Her shows and DJ sets are a passionate and relentless championing of new artists and sounds - “an ear for new music that bends the rules” The Fader described it as, while Dazed point to her knack for   “constantly uncovering tucked-away records and underrated artists”. She has released music on Warp Records and Big Dada as Wednesday Nite and put the crucial ‘Amada’ compilation together for All City Records.  In GASS the ideas and passions which always informed the music and sound have merged with the momentum of art and technology shifting up the gears of her naturally forward leaning vision.